Light a Fire for the Earth – 2

Light a Fire for the Earth – 2

An invitation to participate in a worldwide spiritual operation for the awakening of the Divine Masculine. This will be the second heartbeat of a united humanity, aware and ready for the new era that is just beginning. The first beat occurred on 21st December, 2020.

A ceremony will be held on Thursday 21st January, 6:30pm start, at the Perth Centre in the Perth Hills, if you would like to join energies for a group transmission.
RSVP via our Contact form or text Alison on 0419994250 if you wish to attend.


Our planet is changing frequency, freeing its power to help us ascend. Let’s unite in a coordinated magical action, tuning in to the new divine frequencies and the new times.


The presence of the Goddess, in many of her manifestations, is felt by all the sensitive souls on the planet. It is now time for the masculine to be activated and harmonized.

It is time to awaken the Divine Masculine, present in the earth as the propulsive force of the magma in the core of the planet, in volcanoes, and within the life-force that animates nature.

Some Native Americans call this force Kokkopelli, the ancient Romans Faunus, in China it is known asTudi Gong.

In Damanhur we use the name-frequency of the ancient Greek god of nature, Pan, a powerful, passionate and kind god, who loved music and poetry, and protected nature and the earth.

Pan means Everything: this divine force supports a renewed, harmonious, generous and creative Divine Masculine, ready to protect life in the loving embrace of the Goddess.


Each ceremony, where we light a fire, is like a gong strike, chasing itself around our planet. Think of it as the pulse of a collective heart. In order for the Divine Force that protects the Earth to hear our call of presence and love for our planet, three beats are what we want to create together with our friends all over the world.

On December 21st, the day of the Solstice, the first resonated from Europe to Asia, from Australia to the Americas. The next, on January 21st we want to be even stronger! Leading up to the third, on February 21st, the day in which we will offer the Earth a worldwide concert of synchronized and harmonious fires and intentions.

If you cannot join with a group, then you can still support this action from your home.

The fires will be lit at 7:22pm CET (Italy) … you can either choose to align with this time by converting to your own time zone, or align with synchronic time and light it at 7:22pm in your own time zone.


  • Have a candle (ideally red or green) placed ready to light beside the attached Pan Mandala.
  • Spend at least 3 minutes prior to 7:22pm focusing on or tracing with your finger, the lines of the mandala, while breathing deeply.
  • At exactly 7:22pm, light the candle and place it on the centre of the mandala.
  • Transmit thoughts and loving feelings of a united humanity to the earth, signalling that you are aware and ready for the new era that is just beginning.

The PAN Mandala is available for download here.

For more information or to link to the transmission of this ceremony from the sacred temples of Damanhur, go to


Jun 14 2024


7:20 PM - 7:20 PM
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