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“Sensory Lightbody Guided Meditation”

Which cleans, balances and energises your body

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This meditation is a very useful tool.

The 5 senses are gateways through which your body processes the energetic world.
By cleaning, refining and increasing the vibration of the sensory fields we are able to open our energy body to a higher and finer range of energy reception.

The meditation begins by using visualisation, attitudinal breathing and intention
to increase the receptivity of your sensory pathways.
It then utilises the frequency of blue light to clean, harmonise and unify the
physical, emotional, mental and etheric layers of your being.

Whether you are preparing for Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel, Healing or any higher Spiritual Work,
it is important to have a clean, balanced, highly charged lightbody,
as all energy is attracted through resonance.

This meditation is also suited for regular self-maintenance
to achieve a feeling of calm refreshment,
clarity and heart coherence.

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“Sensory Lightbody Guided Meditation”