• by Gnomo Orzo Selfica, technology for the Third Millenium Metal is made of time. Its encounter with light ignites the power to make things happen. The archeological findings and myths of our planet show that a great power is concealed in the connection between human beings and metals. It is the power of making things happen, and it has influenced human events since the dawn of time. Today, on the threshold of the Third Millennium, after a long period of research, a technology arises that can once again bring us close to this extraordinary potential. This book is an impassioned tribute to this new chapter of history. It is also proof that what is highly complex is also extremely simple in its essence.
    Formats available:  Paperback, eBook
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    Available from Damanhur Australia
  • This brand new self, created after a long research, will become a fundamental accessory of your computer. Applied as a clip to one side of the screen, it ensures that EMFs emitted by the computer you are using do not accumulate in your body. Furthermore, this selfic clip modulates the radiation field emitted by the computer, and creates a protective screen for the eyes, so that they do not get too tired.

    The selfic computer clip comes in two models, one for laptops, the other for desktop computers.

  • The environment of a car, similarly to that of a home, is influenced by the emotional and mental emanations of the people in it. This Self creates a coherent field that increases the driver’s concentration and alertness, reducing the chances of dangerous behavior. It must be placed on the dashboard on the driver’s side with its point facing forward.


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