Nestled in the alpine foothills north of Piedmont, Italy, between Turin and Aosta, is a truly magical place on earth called Damanhur. In a 15-kilometer area surrounding the lush, green valley of Valchiusella lives a very active, multilingual community of 600 people.

Damanhur is a Federation of spiritual communities, with its own Constitution, culture, art, music, currency, schools and uses of science and technology. Its citizens are open to sharing their knowledge and research with other groups and cultures of the world, with anyone who is interested in exploring these themes. Damanhur holds events at numerous centers, organizations and points of outreach in many cities around the world, and also hosts thousands of visitors each year who participate in tours, seminars, retreats and courses through Damanhur University. The community has attracted interest from scholars, educators and researchers in the fields of art, social sciences, spirituality, medicine and alternative health, economics and environmental sustainability.

When it was founded

Damanhur was founded in 1975 from the inspiration of Falco Tarassaco Oberto Airaudi (1950-2013). His enlightened and pragmatic vision created a fertile reality based on solidarity, sharing, love and respect for the environment. As a result, Damanhur has slowly expanded into a United Nations award-winning sustainable eco-community. Staying true to Falco’s original vision of a community based upon ethical and spiritual values, Damanhur has captivated attention around the world as a laboratory for experimenting with sustainable ways of living, in harmony with nature and its elements and forces.

Damanhur is perhaps best known for its extraordinary subterranean work of art and architecture, a cathedral known as the Temples of Humankind. It has been profiled on international television as the “Eighth Wonder of The World.” This complex was entirely dug by hand into the heart of the mountain. Decorated with mosaics, stained glass, sculptures, wall paintings and other works of art, it is dedicated to the awakening the divine spark present in every human being.

A sustainable community in constant experimentation

In 2005, Damanhur received recognition from the United Nation’s Global Forum on Human Settlements as a model for a sustainable society. The award was no accident. It was the result of Damanhur’s deep respect for the environment as a conscious, sensitive entity and our citizens’ commitment to co-existing with the plant and animal worlds (as well as intelligences that inhabit this universe) in a reverent and nurturing way. One expression of this philosophy is Music of the Plants, in which communication with the plant world inspires concerts where the musicians are trees, and plants play music alongside human musicians.

A powerful energy center on the planet

As you can see, what sets Damanhur apart from other intentional communities is that it actively utilizes the practical application of science, research and a spiritual philosophy in harmony with the planet. And yet, there is one more phenomenon that makes Damanhur truly unique: It’s an axis point where four of the 18 worldwide synchronic lines intersect. The very ground breathes. Rocks, trees and plants resonate prana. Everything seems to be subtly energized. The effect, when you visit here, is an unmistakable lifting of the human spirit.

To walk in Damanhur is to walk through past, present and future. Ancient mysteries and the forgotten wisdom of great civilizations coalesce with a fresh, tech-infused vision of an evolving potential future.

Visit Damanhur in Italy

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Temples of Humankind

Temples of Humankind - Virtual Tour

Visit the “Eighth Wonder of the World”

Hidden in the heart of a mountain in northern Italy is a magical construction, a modern cathedral that’s been called the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. Discover the temples via the new Virtual Tour experience.

Damanhur Academy

Damanhur Online University

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Damanhur Academy was founded over 40 years ago to share knowledge of this laboratory of training, personal growth, research, and evolution based on over 45 years of practical experience, study and experimentation of Damanhur itself.

Wisdom Lab

Wisdom Lab is committed to help participants expand the perspectives of vision, facilitate the path of personal development and find individual mission in life.
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“Oro” refers to inner alchemy, “Ma” to the creative power of the Word. Oroma’s content is derived from the knowledge and practices of Medit-Action, the heart of Damanhur’s spiritual path. In the near future, Oroma will also offer extensive access to Damanhur’s entire Initiatory Path.