Atlantis Power Shield

A pentacle of protection that recalls synchronicity.

It helps attracting synchronous evolutionary events for who owns it.

It helps entering into contact with energetically active places.

It protects the owner against any kind of negative energy when traveling out of the body or during experiences of channeling and median sessions.

It has to be worn in contact with the aura, and it is activated on your personal frequency.
This is connected to the energy field of just one person and cannot be shared. 

** NOTE – product may differ slightly from sample image, we have found particularly the bronze items to be closer to a copper colour than the gold colour displayed in the image.

** BACKORDERS – This item may be pre-ordered to be included in our next bulk stock order to Damanhur Italy where it will be activated to your frequency as well. On average we place a bulk order every 2 – 3 months as a general rule.


** To have this activated to your personal frequency, please provide your full birth name and birthdate.


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Brass, Bronze, Silver