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Damanhur Australia will love to meet and connect with you to share some of our experiences, some plant music, a taste of the Damanhurian Spiritual Technology that connects with the life-force of nature and the intelligence of the cosmos, and an offer to take the Virtual Tour of the Temples of Humankind.

Our lovely Nephila (Alison Jarred) will also be offering a sound journey with the plants and their music in the Sound Temple.

Music of the Plants – Sound & Meditation
3pm Sunday 21st November 2021

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Damanhur: A door towards a new future

These are the times that all the prophecies speak of.

The Earth is changing frequency and great spiritual forces are now accessible to all human beings ready to raise their Consciousness.

The Temples of Humanity in Damanhur are a planetary healing tool, an antenna for the great individual and collective awakening.

Whatever your Mission, you can connect to the pure Spiritual Energies that we have access to, to tap into new strength.

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The Damanhur Project

Damanhur is a Living Lab for the Future, a Federation of communities and a worldwide movement, inspiring the lives of thousands of people committed to making a positive mark in the world. It is well known for its beautiful underground Temples of Humankind

Damanhur Australia

Damanhur Australia first formed in 2016 when a few interested people in Western Australia, South Australia and New South Wales started meeting weekly via Zoom with some dedicated instructors in Damanhur Italy to begin exploring the Path of the Initiate run by the Damanhurian Medit-Action school.

In 2018, those who decided to continue further travelled to Italy to experience first hand the culture, the connections and diversity that is Damanhur, including many visits to the wonderful Temples of Humankind.

This began our journey exploring the teachings of Falco Terassaco, and being inspired to build our own community of researchers to participate in the great spiritual project that is Damanhur.

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