Spiritual Physics


by Coyote Cardo

The philosophy, knowledge and technology of the future

Spiritual or esoteric physics is the vision of the universe and human evolution brought to us by Oberto Airaudi – Falco Tarassaco,  the founder of the Damanhurian School – over the course of his 40 years of activity and researcher.

A vision based on his knowledge of a millenarian tradition, yet presenting many surprisingly advanced features, suggesting that much of this knowledge comes from the future.

Mario Faruolo, known to Damanhur as Coyote Cardo, followed and assisted Falco for many years in public presentations and in the Damanhurian School of Meditation. In this volume Coyote provides a detailed and searching introduction to this very original, ground-breaking brand of physics, which interprets matter and the laws that govern it in an unexpected yet utterly coherent way.

After outlining the theoretical background with its elements in common with so many other  ancient and contemporary spiritual traditions – the origin of matter, the nature of space-time, the concept of the Divine – the author introduces us to the fascinating futuristic technology that the Damanhurian School has developed over the years, informed by the teachings of Damanhur’s founder.

This book, then, constitutes  the reference point and principal source for the seminars on spiritual physics organised by the author at the University of Damanhur.

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