House Purification

Have your house purified

Why purify?

Human thoughts and emotions impregnate the walls of your house and the objects within it.

Older houses carry the vibrational residue of past occupants. Where there have been negative emotions like anger and hate; suffering through physical or mental illness; or where people have died, disturbing energies may linger. Even new houses can carry non-harmonic energy that comes from the manufacturing processes of their various components.


Our purification process utilises specialised technology to generate a high vibrational field which dissolves lower energies and removes negative entities. Each room will be individually impregnated with a positive and harmonious energy field to create a serene and clean environment.


Energetically cleaning your house is beneficial for your psychophysical wellbeing. It is particularly important for your sleep, as this is when you are most vulnerable to other energies. A purified home is both a defence and a protection.


Small House (3×1)             $220

Medium House (4×2)        $280

Large House (5+)                $330

Additional Areas $25 per room

Commercial Buildings (quotes provided)

** Available only within Perth and surrounding suburbs

** For locations further away additional charges may apply

Please Contact us via our contact page if you are interested in this service.