Have fun with your plants!

Ginkgo is the evolution of plant music to give you only the best experience with no-frills.
The focus is on essentiality and ease of use. Simple, pure and elegant design.
Music profiles are designed so that your emotional state can deeply tune in to the plant.

You can change the following device parameters:
– Volume
– 3 different music profiles (listen to them in the video tutorial)
– 3 different tempo/speed for tuning in to your mood
– High-quality sensor cable integrated with the USB cable (listen and charge together)

The environmental friendly box contains:

– Ginkgo device in bamboo wood
– Sensor cable for leaf and ground with integrated USB charging cable
– Instruction user manual in English


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After 45 years of experience in communicating with plants and 4 years after the launch of Bamboo which was a great international success, Music of the Plants has designed the product for you who are beginning to learn about this wonderful world.
Ginkgo is designed for maximum ease of use. Instant, mindless plug-and-play to connect with your plant.
Remember that plants listen, remember and then learn how to play. Therefore, the music produced by Ginkgo is pleasant for them as well. The sounds allow them to have an additional expressive possibility with humans and their surroundings.
Plants use the music they themselves produce to create harmony and balance as a state of Nature.

Music of the Plants is thus a wellness tool for the body, mind and psyche. It amplifies the healing effect of plants as if it were a kind of music therapy.

You can choose 3 different music profiles. These suit your emotional state, whether it is an evening with family or friends or a moment of personal relaxation and meditation.

Profile 1: Instrument = Pad; Scale = C Major; frequency = 432 Hz
Profile 2: Instrument = FX, Scale = C Damanhurian; frequency = 432 Hz
Profile 3: Instrument = Piano, Scale = C Major; frequency = 440 Hz

Cable length = 200 cm

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