By: Stambecco Pesco

Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi, 1950-2023 founder of Damanhur) is a philosopher, psychic, spiritual guide, researcher in various fields straddling science, art, and metaphysics. Above all, he is a man who is able to excite and engage others, proposing to them projects through which to create an innovative reality every day, based on a sense of community, a sense of the sacred, respect for human beings and for every form of life, visible and invisible, around us.

This book explains Falco Tarassaco through the stories of seventeen students: from those who shared his entire journey with him to those who did not know him personally, having embraced his philosophy after his death, to those who met him through a video or a book.

Ebook Versions: The Temples of Humankind

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