Space Energizer

This is a complex and multifunctional tool for specific indoor environments, such as an office or a home. 

It combines the functions of the Space Balancer with those of a charger, and is more powerful.

It is activated on the frequency of a specific person, and it gives the space the “energetic footprint” of that person.

In the case of a therapist, for instance, this amplifies their healing potential and the coherence of space to their desired results.

In a home, it makes the energy “friendly” and supportive.
It also has a positive effect on everyone in the environoment, as it harmonizes and vitalizes it, by transforming beneficially all mental and emotional energies in the space.

It is very effective for therapists, body workers, energy-healers, coaches and councelers, and whenever one’s own energy mark is an important part of their profession.

It is also very effective as a portable “de-charger” for all kind of healing sessions, so that any non-harmonious energy or emotion released can be transformed and neutralized.

IMPORTANT! The two small blue crystals are to be changed every two years. This can be done also via mail.

The base of this Space Selfica is hand-cut out of the same precious glass we use for the windows and the domes of the Temples of Humankind.
Base color may vary.

This Selfica is to be activated specifically for the user, and will connect only to the energy field of that person.


Using the form in this page, please write birth name, last name (for married women, please use your last name at birth) and date of birth of the person that will use this Selfica.


** BACKORDERS – This item may be pre-ordered to be included in our next bulk stock order to Damanhur Italy where it will be activated to your frequency as well. On average we place a bulk order every 2 – 3 months as a general rule.


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Weight: 0.395 kg
Dimensions: 11.5 × 11.5 × 14.95 cm
Base Color: Cold Colors, Warm colors

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Warm, Cold