Past Life Research Workshop – 2 Day Workshop

Past Life Research Workshop – 2 Day Workshop


Please let us know if you are interested in doing this course as we are planning to run this again later in the year – it will be an online participation, if restrictions allow we will also offer to do the activity parts of it together as a group at the Perth Centre for those who are in this location.

Past Lives Research offers the opportunity to become aware of the long journey of your soul and the directions it takes.

Who am I?
Where do I come from?
And where am I going?

At Damanhur, Past Lives Research is considered an important tool to understanding who you are in this life — what talents and strengths you can draw on, what challenges are part of the learning process of your soul. Gather information from the past life that can most assist you in your current life with answers, healing, or wisdom.

The Past Lives Research is done on several levels, each course offering the chance to get to know one past life in particular. This life is traced down beforehand by members of the Way of the Oracle in Damanhur, who do their research based on photographs and birth dates for each participant. Your personal research process begins when you sign up for the course opening a new connection that may bring to your waking consciousness intuitions and emotions that have to do with this past life.

During the course the instructor will guide you through a series of meditative and dynamic exercises with the aim of having you feel the emotions of your past life – what experiences it brought, what lessons were learned, what riches were had.

We will use a mixed format of Zoom instruction followed by group break out time for group exercises to assist building the connection to your past life memories. You will need to bring along paper and art materials for the group exercises – details to be provided prior to the workshop. For those who live locally to the Perth Hills WA, we will gather as a group at our Perth Centre, and those who are not local are invited to join us on Zoom either individually or as a small group at your own location.

There is a maximum of 15 participants for this workshop. If there is interest for a second group, we are planning to run a second workshop later in the year.

Vultura Pisello will be facilitating the class, which is traced down beforehand by members of the Way of the Oracle in Damanhur (Italy).

Their research is based on your biographical data and photos, which is provided one month prior to the class. Vultura then uses a series of dynamic and meditative exercises to facilitate the reawakening of emotions of your prior life and its memories. Each participant receives a written description of their past life at the end of the course.

Damanhur is an eco-spiritual community located in Northern Italy established 40 years ago. It is a community built with a vision to inspire people to build a better world. Through their own expansive scientific research they have developed a range of innovative healing modalities. Damanhur also houses one of the world’s most unique underground temples, The Temples of Humankind.


Weekend Course: Sat & Sun 2nd & 3rd April (dates to be confirmed)
** Bookings close 27 February 2022 (to allow time for the 1 month research prior to the workshop)

Start at 11:00am – 5:00pm each day.

** Note the workshop requires attendance either in person or via Zoom for both days to complete the process


PERTH HILLS – details on booking or via ZOOM from your own location.


$390 per person – $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your place and pay for the research component

Space is Limited: Because of the research done by the Damanhur Oracles in Italy and individual attention from Vultura, this class is limited to 15 people

PLEASE PROVIDE: Photos & Bio-Data Required in Advance on payment of Deposit

** Specific information is required for this course before 27th February for the past life research by the Oracle team in Damanhur prior to the workshop (a 1 month process)

A nonrefundable deposit of $100, your picture, and birth info are required no later than the booking closure dates as above to reserve your space for payment of the research.

The remainder for payment is due by 25th March 2022.
Full details for final payment and information requirements are provided in the confirmation email.

If you would like to attend this workshop please make your deposit now and send us your information to the email in the confirmation email we have sent to you.


MORE ABOUT PAST LIFE RESEARCH (by Crotola from Damanhur, one of the University instructors)




Apr 02 - 03 2022


11:00 AM - 5:00 PM



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