A global campaign of awareness and celebration of the relationship between humans and trees

Trees are the living antennae of our planet and, consistent with Damanhur’s and indigenous understanding, they have a special energy interaction with cosmic forces on the Solstices. At the Summer Solstice they send to the cosmos information on the state and complexity of life on our planet, and at the Winter Solstice they receive a signal in return. For many hundreds of years their message has been a cry of despair. The Global Tree Network is fully committed to transforming this cry into a concert of happy forests.

How to Participate

What we do

The Global Tree Network (GTN) has arisen out of a collaboration between Damanhur, Federation of Communities, and Wisdom University.

The purpose of the Network is to launch a global campaign of awareness and celebration of the relationship between humans and trees. At the core of this initiative is a specific technique devised in Damanhur, and people from all over the world are invited to participate, adding their unique artistic, cultural, and spiritual approaches.

Selfic Orienting Pendulum

This new pendulum concept created in 2012 and has two functions: 1. For research and applications in the field of dowsing. Thanks to its Selfic part, this pendulum amplifies the potential of the operator, making its use simple and straight forward, permitting accurate research. 2. For “orientation” of the trees, that is to connect plant and human intelligence and life, to create a new alliance between our species. The “Orienting Trees” project started in Damanhur over 30 years ago, and restarted again in 2011 in California and Japan. As part of the Global Tree Network, is now extended to the whole planet.

If you would like to start orienting trees, you can order the pendulum here.