Memory Selfica


One of the most popular Selfs, it strengthens memory and can be used for study, in daily life and to reinforce the part of the memory linked to profound spirituality.

Its structure is similar to the section of the brain that regulates memory. It is to be carried inside the aura.

To obtain the maximum effect this Self is to be worn by men inside a small yellow pouch and by women inside a blue pouch.

Placed on the forehead, this Self is also useful in relieving headaches and placed upon the throat relieves fever and sore throat.


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One of the most interesting research fields that Damanhur has developed is that of “Selfica”, a discipline that creates structures to concentrate and direct vital and intelligent energies, this is energies able to interact with the environment and with human beings.

Through Selfica it is possible to create devices based on the spiral form and the use of metals, colors, special inks and minerals that act as conduits for “intelligent” energies, border forces that can act as intermediaries between different planes of existence.

The intelligence of the Self is the energy that manages the physical part of the structure.

The interaction of a Self with individuals is always based upon reciprocal advantage. For this reason, Selfs can be considered specialised symbionts.

The largest Selfic structure in the world is contained within the Temples of Humankind, a great underground work of art built by the citizens of the Federation of Damanhur.

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