Biodynamic Compost Making

Biodynamic Compost Making


If you’d like to get outdoors and participate in the creation of a biodynamic compost … Saturday 1st October is the day!

Biodynamics is the work of Rudolf Steiner and expresses his deep understanding of working with the forces of the land.

Built like a layer cake to specific proportions, it combines fresh green, hay, manure and other elements to nurture and nourish the land. Finally it is imbued with a set of special biodynamic preparations which activate and attract elements into the mix.

Timings …

9am – 10am coffee/tea and social greet & meet

10am – 12 collect fresh green (bring gloves and a rake if you have one … even a whipper snipper would be useful)

12 – 1pm LUNCH … bring something easy to share

1pm – 3pm(ish) Build the compost

It’s a fun and interactive activity. Many hands help the process to go faster!


Date: 1st OCTOBER 2022

Time: Arrive from 9am for coffee, start at 10 am – 4 pm

Cost: FREE event

Location: Perth Hills (near Mundaring, details on request)

To Bring: Working clothes and boots/enclosed shoes, water bottle, hat

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Oct 01 2022


10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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