Commemoration of the Dead

Commemoration of the Dead Ritual

Commemoration of the Dead

Saturday 29th October  – Legnetti & Preparations (late afternoon)
Saturday 29th October – Ritual to give thanks to the forces of the place (sunset)
Sunday 30th  October 3:00pm Collection of Herbs Rite
Sunday 30th October 7:00pm – Commemoration of the Dead (sunset)

In addition to the Solstices and Equinoxes, another important ritual held by the Damanhurian communities across the world is a celebration dedicated to the Commemoration of the Dead, which takes place every year between late October and early November.

According to Damanhur’s understanding, the world of the “living” and the world of the “dead” are both expressions of spiritual life, and at times it is possible to open a channel of communication between these dimensions. Rituals are the most important moments of connection-for both sending and receiving thoughts with Damanhur citizens who have passed, as well as other loved ones who are no longer in physical form. It is an act of celebration for life in all its manifestations.


Oct 29 - 30 2022


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