The Epagòmenoi days as we know them in Damanhur are a number of days that are ripe for setting up projects and new conditions, because they are like an island in the sea of time. They are days outside of time. When they come to an end, things appear as if manifested all of a sudden.

The idea of epagòmenoi days comes from Egyptian mythology, which explains why there were five days added to the end of the calendar year, that they were moments for the births of gods. In the Damanhurian perspective, we expand on this concept, and the time period extends beyond five days.

These are days in which you may exalt change and transformation. A time to bring about all that is useful, pleasurable, interesting, innovative and beautiful.

Their duration is variable and intermittent to allow as many new events as possible to take place.

The Sages will advise when the epagòmenoi days come to an end each year.


Dec 26 2021 - Jan 13 2022


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